Vocational Guidance & Career Counseling

The Vocational Guidance & Career Counseling widely known as Vocational Guidance Counseling aims to help the individual to expand his alternative professional perspectives that are necessary in making decisions relating to the future career and profession.

The Institute for Psychosocial Development (I.Ψ.Α.) provides a complete individual program of counseling intervention addressed to high school students (15-18 years) and adults (18-35 years).

1. The Individual Program includes three (3) stages:

A.Granting Special Questionnaires (Evalion Tests)

  • Professional Profile Questionnaire
  • Occupational Interests Questionnaire
  • Skills Questionnaire
  • Questionnaire for work incentives

From the granting and completion of questionnaires results an individual detailed report of 37 pages.

B.Counseling Individual Sessions

  • Exploration and Definition of dilemma
  • Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
  • Decision making on vocational issues
  • Creating Life Scenarios
  • Educational & Professional Information

C. Parental Counseling
The session of the counselor with the adolescent’s parents intends to acknowledge and accept the importance of the parental role in professional development.


2. Counseling Program for Stress Management at National Exams

The Institute for Psychosocial Development (I.Ψ.Α.) in view of the national exams offers a Stress Management Program individually or in groups, addressed to adolescent students of the second or third grade of Senior High School or young adults, graduates who wish to repeat the national exams.

The Program includes:

  • Time management
  • Techniques for effective study
  • Factors influencing the stress of examinations
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Setting personal goals
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Understanding the importance of positive self-perception and self-image


Aim of the Institute is the promotion of psychosocial development of individuals and groups, through a wide range of psychological assessments, therapeutic and counseling services. Ι.Ψ.Α. provides services to adults, families & couples, children & adolescents on individual and/ or group context:

  • Psychological & Intelligence Assessment
  • Individual Therapy & Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Family & Couple Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Vocational Guidance & Career Counseling


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